Sunday, May 16, 2010

UDS Day 5

Well, we have finally arrived. The last day of UDS. It seems like we have been here a month. The sessions have been so full of technical detail and collaboration that I feel like I will have to sleep a week to recover. Thankfully I don't think I will actually have to.

My cold has plagued me all week, but I have been able to keep it mostly at bay with the judicious application of throat lozenges, plenty of water and sleep. I slept over 16 hours on 2 days of this week and I think that helped immensely.

Today, like the others began with the kernel roundtable then moved to my session concerning the plans that i have for bug handling improvements in Maverick. Needless to say, there are quite a number of things that I and the team hope to accomplish during this cycle. It is an aggressive plan, but I hope it will provide us with a tremendous amount of success. More on that later.

Next was a session on Colin King's plan to conduct automated BIOS testing for troubleshooting failures on suspend/resume. Much of the plan for his work is to help ODM and OEM to find faults in their BIOS logic before chips and configurations are completed and shipped. This will cause us to spend less time quirking for those bugs and more time on kernel stability and improvement. I had originally planned to use a portion of Colin's talk to discuss the planned daily testing ISO that we want to build for use by LoCo teams during Global Jam days to give us early testing and data to fix the most affected bugs prior to release, but this was not to be. :-) Much as I suspected, Colin's talk was well attended and went the whole time plus. no matter, we have plenty to do in this regard, so we will move ahead with those plans and do an After Action Review next cycle.

Next, I was pulled out to prepare the equipment for the All Stars Jam happening Friday night during the wrap up dinner. We set up and practiced a bit before heading to the evenings session on Miscellaneous topics that weren't covered in the previous days. Thankfully, it didn't take the whole of the allotted time and we got a chance to sit and chat for a bit before the wrap up meeting in the auditorium.

What a week! I am glad I was here. I see now more of how a distribution is planned and I understand now that it takes an army of people working together to bring it all together. What a great team I work with. :-)

Time to sleep now.


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