Saturday, October 20, 2012

Unhelpful community is unhelpful

 or "How to ensure no one takes your advice seriously ever again"

I see far too much of this in my daily research.

Step 1:   (person seeking help): I need help doing X (replace X with any number of things)

Step 2:   (self-important community assclown) You shouldn't be doing that. You should 'solve for Y' instead. (solving for Y in this case has absolutely zero value for person seeking help)

Step 3:  ...crickets...

This has no benefit for a person who may legitimately need help for X. All SICA(self-important community assclown) succeeded in doing was upholding his title to the throne.

HELP THE PERSON FIRST! Indulge in your self-centered need to correct people second otherwise all you really accomplish is having that person never seek help from whatever community you lurk in.

PRO TIP: Find out more about why they are doing it that way.  You may learn something. (Like perhaps they are trying to comply with corporate policy.)