Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UDS Day 1

It was all a bit hazy... :-) but here is the relevant information from my first day at my first UDS.

The hotel is nice (given that it was apparently an IBM campus in the past). I missed the initial Kernel roundtable due to my intense need to conduct some personal hygiene(my plane arrived in Brussels at 8AM and the keynote occurred at 10AM) I arrived just in time to catch the entire keynote, but I opted for a shower, etc. before continuing the day. :-)

The first session I was able to attend was a workgroup on configuration managers and their interaction with conf files as it should stand regardless of what is managing the files. it was a great discussion and it was high enough over my head that I remained interested and was able to assimilate a good bit based on my SA background.

Next was a nice lunch followed by a plenary talk by the design team, a chat on Qt and a brief discussion of maverick and developers. Great sessions but difficult for me to stay awake in due to my 36 hour jaunt of awakeness.

The next session was a meeting to discuss the +patches view in Launchpad and to see what, if any improvements needed to be made. Being the special case that it is, I put the kernel's needs forward to see if there was anything that could be done to help me (purely selfish ;) )

After that was a rousing session on bugs by the same folks as the patches chat. Sadly, I almost hijacked this session with some of the more serious issues that affect kernel bugs in Launchpad. I put forward the thoughts of the team along with issues encountered by the kernel upstream maintainers like Ted T'so. The issues were well received and the subsequent discussion by the Kernel Team led to the need for a separate Kernel/Launchpad session which I will try to organize before the end of the week.

I ended the day in a Kernel Team private meeting.

Key things I need to do now:

* Determine who from LP were in the bugs chat and see if they are open to a kernel bugs session(bryceh, jml, , )
* I missed the UEFI talk that Colin King had, but I'd like to chat with him for a few moments about whether to postponbe my UEFI work on the testing ISOs until later.
* I need to flesh out my idea to the team of focused weeks for specific areas of kernel bugs (sound, graphics, wireless)

More later on Day 2. :-)


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