Friday, March 26, 2010

Created Word for the Day: Domesticulation

Domesticulation: 1) The intense sense of satisfaction by a male of a species when he has successfully done something around the house that pleases the female of the species. 2) A subject of much scorn between males of the species to another of their kind who is affected by this disorder. 3) The supreme source of happiness for a female of the species when the male regularly works to achieve it.

*Created Words of the Day are generated by JFo and are therefore free to use and distribute in daily speaking or writing. JFo in no way condones the use of violence upon males of the species by other males of the species based on their addiction to this particular CWoD. There is no warranty implied or otherwise to the females of the species as to how much Domesticulation is possible in a male of the species. All other rights are expressly reserved. :-P


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