Friday, March 19, 2010

ahhh Friday, and moving into a new house...

Well, ok, not new, but very nice and new to me. I found the perfect old house for me to live in.

It is close to town (most things are walking distance), yet still retains the relative quiet of the country. I sit about 25 feet from the road, yet I can barely hear the cars passing. Oh, and the ceilings are 11 feet high!

Here's a look at the front hall as you walk in the door.

Yes, the walls are purple. Ironic considering the facts: I don't really care for purple, and Ubuntu has changed the default theme of the desktop to purple... err Aubergine. :-)

Here's a look from the living room to the dining room.

And finally the front room that will most probably end up containing a pool table.

I'm really excited about this house. It is the type of thing I have always seen myself eventually living in. The downside is, now I have to get my tubby self out and care for the yard, but then, I really need to get outside more anyway.

These pictures are from my Facebook album. I'll add more to it as I add my furniture.

Happy Friday!!



  1. well, blogspot cut the pics down a bit, but you can see them here: